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General Purpose Spill Refill Kits are ideal if you work with a number of different substances including fuel, oil, or hazardous chemicals. It is important to always have this type of spill kit backup handy in case you are required to use your current kit and need immediate replacement.
Our stock includes different sizing of general purpose spill refill kits including the larger 240L General Purpose Refill Kit, the medium sized 120L General Purpose Refill Kit, and the 80L General Purpose Refill Kit for the carry bag kits.

MAXSorb Hazchem Absorbents are manufactured in the US to the highest industry standards.  They will absorb all chemicals and hazardous liquids and will also make fast work for cleaning up all water based chemicals. 
MAXSorb Hazchem Absorbents are yellow in colour to easily distinguish in emergencies, and are stocked in a range of sizes and types, such as Hazchem Absorbents Pads and Hazchem Absorbent Minibooms. Ideal for use in situations from labs to chemical storage facilities.

Marine Absorbents provide absorption of fuel and oil for leakages into water in order to keep waterways safe and contamination-free. These products will enable you to respond to and recover, any spillages that occur in water bodies such as dams, oceans, rivers, lakes, and ponds.
Our quality marine absorbents are approved for use in quarantine areas, and should be readily available on any site where work is carried out near waterways. We stock Bilge Rats and Marine Booms for rapid supply requirements.

Oil and fuel spills can be a bad dream to tidy up — whether they occur ashore or water. Remain arranged with Mitaco Pty Ltd Blasts and Oil Socks to stop the spill, retain the chaos, and contain the harm to the earth and your primary concern. Since they're water-repellant, you don't squander receptiveness in the rain or on water. At the point when utilized as a coasting blast, you can contain and ingest oil slicks on water; they embrace the ground for arrive based spills. There's an oil-just permeable blast or sock for any application you have, underneath.
We are the premium supplier of  MAXSorb Oil & Fuel Absorbents. And they are manufactured in the US to the highest industry standards. They will absorb hydrocarbons such as petrol, diesel, fuel, solvents, and oil, but repel water, making them ideal for use indoor or outdoor. Without any hassle at your warehouses and factories.

Our Roll Dispenser selection will ensure that your absorbent rolls are easily accessible at all times. Our team at Mitaco can help you find the right product for your work site so that your rolls are at hand conveniently and safely.
Mitaco roll dispensers help ensure that spill control is done in an orderly and efficient manner. We have the Floor Stand Absorbent Roll Dispenser for placing close to the work area, or the Wall Mount Absorbent Roll Dispenser for more a more permanent solution.