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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions to Know before purchasing a pallet jack.

What weight will you be lifting and how frequently will you lift it?

  • Do you need a quick lift pallet jack 2.5Ton (4 pumps to maximum height only one standard size. More sizes will be coming).
  • Do you need a Normal pump pallet jack 3ton same price as 2ton just more heavy duty so longer lasting.

What sort of surface will you be moving the pallet truck on as to what wheels you will need?

  • Nylon wheels are hard and perfect for concrete and warehouse floors, they will mark.
  • Polyurethane wheels are perfect for shopping centers, tiled floors, marble floors, timber floors as these wheels won’t mark.

What width of pallet or object will you be lifting?

  • European pallets vary from different widths so width sizes can be 450-570mm in width so you would need a narrow pallet jack.
  • Cheap pallets and normal size pallets you would need the standard 685mm pallet jack.

What is the Minimum and maximum height that you need?

  • Minimum height jack sizes vary from 35,51,85mm.
  • Maximum height jack sizes vary from 90,165,200mm.

The Length of Forks is the last to choose?

  • Normal fork length is 1150mm.
  • There is special pallet Trucks with different lengths 900mm used for safes and vending machines great for trucks as they take up less room.
  • Also longer fork lengths up to 3mtrs long but these jacks are specially ordered as they are for specific jobs.

Standard pallet jacks also have the option of a park brake, so when the jack is un-attended you don’t have any worries about it rolling away.

If you have any further questions about pallet jack requirements please contact us and one of friendly staff will be happy to assist.