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Full / Semi Electric Pallet Jack

Full / Semi Electric Pallet Jacks The alarming energy crisis and the shift in... VIEW PRODUCTS
Galvanised or Stainless Pallet Jack8

Galvanized / Stainless Steel Pallet Jacks

Galvanised / Stainless Steel Pallet Jacks The Galvanized pallet jack is... VIEW PRODUCTS
Pallet Jacks

Heavy Duty / All Terrain / Reel / High Lift & Four Way Pallet Jacks

Heavy Duty / Specialised Pallet Jacks Our Rough Terrain Pallet Jack-... VIEW PRODUCTS

Long / Short / Extra Wide Pallet Jacks

Long / Short / Wide Pallet Jacks Extra wide... VIEW PRODUCTS
Low Profile Pallet Jacks

Low Profile Pallet Jacks

Low Profile Pallet Jacks The low profile pallet jack has a low clearance and... VIEW PRODUCTS
Pallet Jack Stop 6

Pallet Jack Stop Wheel Chock

Pallet Jack Wheel Chocks are ideal for use to prevent movement in trucks,... VIEW PRODUCTS
Scale Pallet Jacks

Scale / Weighing Pallet Jacks

Mitaco offers digital scale pallet jacks. These jacks calculate the... VIEW PRODUCTS
2 ton drive wheel 5 hole

Spare Parts for Manual & Electric Pallet Jacks

Mitaco stocks a range of replacement parts for pallet trucks and materials... VIEW PRODUCTS

Standard / Narrow Euro Pallet Jacks

Mitaco offers an extensive range of standard, narrow and euro pallet jacks... VIEW PRODUCTS
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Mitaco stocks an extensive range of Pallet Jacks, Standard, Manual and Electric, Long, Short, Wide, Heavy Duty, Specialised, All Terrains, Low Profile, Scale, Weight Indicator, Narrow Euro, Paper Ream Jacks, High Lift and 4-way Pallet Jacks/ Trucks.

Full / Semi Electric Pallet Jacks

At Mitaco, we have semi electric pallet jacks, such as our 1.5 Tonne- MES15 features a compact design with a small turning circle radius. Our Full Electric 1.5T- MEF15S has inbuilt weighing scales, rechargeable batteries with built in charger and auto cut off features to prevent overcharging.

Standard / Narrow Euro Pallet Jacks

The MPT2500 standard 2.5T 685mm wide pallet jack is made with strong torsion-resistant steel construction and is suitable for everyday use. The designed for use with unusual size pallets.

Galvanised / Stainless Steel Pallet Jacks

The Galvanized pallet jack is perfect for working in environments like meat works and around seafood markets or anywhere water is required.  If the unit is required to work in temperatures below 5 degrees special anti-freezing oil can be used. The galvanizing process gives durable corrosion protection that stands up to the constant abrasion of pallet entry and exit.

Stainless Steel pallet jacks are perfect to be used in wet or food handling environments, like meat works, seafood markets, cold storage, and wharfs anywhere water is required.

Specialised Pallet Jacks

Our Rough Terrain Pallet Jack- 1.25Ton with Adjustable Forks and is the perfect means of moving pallets outside on rough or uneven surfaces where a regular pallet jack or forklift cannot go. The large wheels and straddle fork arrangement can be used for any type of pallet on uneven ground.

The Reel / Roll Pallet Jack / 1.5Ton is specially designed to lift and transport roll, reel or coils in stores, warehouses, and construction sites. No routine maintenance required on the hydraulic unit and bearings.

Mitaco Heavy Duty Pallet Jack- 6Ton- 680mm Wide includes heavily reinforced steel frame with high strength welding, hydraulic pressure oil cylinder and safety valve. Heavy duty and reinforced forks for greatest strength and durability.

Long / Short / Wide Pallet Jacks

Extra wide jacks; 750mm800mm900mm and 1000mm wide is the perfect truck for moving and lifting oversize or extra wide pallets or machines. 

Long pallet jacks; 1800mm, 2000mm, 2100mm and 2400mm long for moving long pallets and unusual sized object. Reinforced for harsher environments such as construction and scaffolding industries.

Short pallet jacks 650mm, 800mm and 900mm length. 2T, 2.5T and 3T pallet jacks for moving and lifting ATM's and safes and getting them into narrow and awkward positions as it has a small turning circle, with the short 900mm fork length enables a small turning circle which is a great for trucks as they don't take up much room.  

Low Profile Pallet Jacks

Low Profile Pallet Jack- 2Ton- Fork Height 51mm- 685x1150mm, has a low clearance and has been developed for handling products like low-line crates that only counter balanced forklifts can move, totally sealed hydraulic pump. For use with unusual low European pallets.

Mitaco Materials Handling

Mitaco is an Australian owned company, established in 2006, we have over 17 years of experience providing storage and distribution products to Australia and overseas businesses.

We specialise in helping our customers select the right pallet jack for the right job. We have a huge range of Quality Pallet Jacks and Trucks to suit every purpose.

The most important features to bear in mind is the capacity needed, what you need to lift, what floor surface you are working on, will the jack be going into a cool-room or freezer (special oil is needed for this which we can supply).

If you have any questions or need any advice on the right product for you please get in contact, we are always happy to help.

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