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1 Ton Counter Balance Electric Lifter1 Ton Counter Balance Electric Lifter

1 Ton Counter Balance Electric Lifter

1000KG Full electric counterbalance lifter


  1. Durable and rigid frame construction ensure the stackers to handle heavy loads.
  2. Hourmeter and BDI(Battery Discharge Indicator) on time informs the operator of recharge requirements.
  3. Ergonomical foldable stand-on platform design with comfortable pad materials.
  4. A wide choice of battery capacity and size enable the truck to be correctly configurated to match application needs.
  5. Sideway battery exchange to reduce intervals, ensure working efficiency and productivity.
  6. Forward/Backward tilt mast operation best suit to handle loads in right position.
  7. Limit switch mounted on top of mast to precisely set the max. lifting height , avoid any risk of lifting motor overload.
  8. Safe Grid covered on the mast to protect operator from any injured risk.

Standard Features

  • Emergency stop & Belly button
  • BDI and Hourmeter
  • Horn & Electrical Brake
  • Casters to balance stability
  • Double mast lifting cylinder
  • Grease fitting
  • Industry battery
  • Battery cable and plug
  • Progressive speed DC control system


  • Comprehensive Mast configuration lifting height
  • Handset
  • Special painting color
  • Foldables stand-on platform
  • Heavy industry battery
  • Vertical-lifting battery change
  • Sideway battery change
  • Different mast height available

Technical Data
Model: MES-10-10C
Power uint: electric
Operation: pedestrian
Load capacity:Q(t) 1000
Load center: (mm) 500
Wheelbase (Lowered): (mm) 1190
Service weight with battery pack (3M standard):kg 1611
Service weight without battery pack (3M standard):kg 1305
Tyres: solid rubber(R), superelastic(S), pneumatic(P), polyurthane(PU):PU/PU
Tyre size, operator side:Φ248X75
Tyre size, load side:Φ160X73
Auxiliary wheels(size):Φ115X55
Wheels, number operator/load side(x=driven):1D+2L+1C
Maximum lifting height:A(mm) 3000 /3300/ 3600/ 4000
Mast extended height:G(mm) 3850
Mast lowered height:H(mm) 2015
Tiller height, travel position, min/max: L(mm)1240(+140)1130(+140)/890(+140)
Fork height, lowered: (mm) 55
Overall length: R(mm) 2570(+90fold/460open)
Length to fork face: D(mm) 1420
Overall height (without tiller): K(mm) 885
Overall width: J(mm) 850
Fork dimension: (mm) 40/100/1150
Fork spread: (mm) 580
Ground clearance, center of wheelbase: (mm) 20
Aisle width, 1000x1200mm pallet crosswise: Ast(mm) 2500
Aisle width, 800x1200mm pallet lengthwise: Ast(mm) 2700
Turning radius: Wa(mm) 1300 
Travel speed, with/without load: km/h 3 / 5
Lift speed, with/without load: m/s 0.13 / 0.23
Lower speed, with/without load: m/s 0.13 / 0.23
Climbing ability, with/without load: % 5 / 7
Mast tilt angle, back forward or forward: 3 / 6
Service brake:Regenerate Electromagnetic
Drive motor output:(S 2, 60min. rating)
Lift motor output:(S 3, 5% rating) kW 3.0
Battery type: Industry
Battery compartment size: mm 770x250x570
Battery voltage/rated capacity:(5h) V/Ah 24 /280
Traction control: DC CURTIS 1243
Sound level of the driver's ear: dB 70


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