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1 Ton Semi-electric Scissor lift 680mm width1 Ton Semi-electric Scissor lift 680mm width

1 Ton Semi-electric Scissor lift 680mm width

The 1-ton semi-electric pallet jack makes work easier not having to pump the lifter up.
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The 1-ton Semi-electric pallet jack is handy to have around the workplace if a lot lifting is required all day.

Perfect for conveyor work where you can lift the items to your height.

Lifting by both manual and electric
Lowering by the manual. 

Capacity: 1000KG
Min Fork Height: 85mm
Max Fork Height: 800mm
Width of overall Fork b5: 680mm
Length of Forks: 1170mm
Battery V/Ah: 12V/60Ah
Lifting Motor Power: 0.8KW
Weight: 169KG 


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