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1000KG All Terrain Electric Pallet Jack1000KG All Terrain Electric Pallet Jack
1000KG All Terrain Electric Pallet Jack
1000KG All Terrain Electric Pallet Jack 2
1000KG All Terrain Electric Pallet Jack 3
1000KG All Terrain Electric Pallet Jack 4
Product Code: MWP-100RT
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The MWP-100RT has been designed for transporting pallets on rough terrains and uneven surfaces such as construction sites, gravel areas and grass areas. The powerful drive system provides easy and quick operation saving back and leg strain, injury & also reduces fatigue for workers during giving more production.


  • The electric pallets are motorized, which makes them very efficient.
  • It reduces the fatigue of those working with it, because it doesn’t need to be pushed with much effort.
  • Such a tool can be really handy when working at construction sites, where most of the surface is uneven because of gravel, stones and grass.
  • Quick and easy operation is provided all thanks to the powerful drive system. This kind of a system helps in avoiding physical strain and injuries to the person working with it.
  • Since those working with this high performance tool, do not feel fatigued too soon, it also improves the overall productivity.
  • The pallets can be stacked on top of each other easily and efficiently for shelving them.
  • The pallets can be easily moved because of the throttle on the handle which improves mechanism and helps in moving the machine.
Capacity   kg 1000
Adjustable fork Width mm 203-850
Lifting Height mm 300
Overall Width mm 1611
Overall Length mm 1145
Overall Height mm 1295
Wheel Diameter mm 406x125
Drive Wheel Dia mm 310x100
Fork Length mm 920 
Width Between Legs mm 1289 
Battery V/Ah 2x12/70
Drive Wheel DC  V/W  24/800
Load Center  mm 450 

Move Pallets Easily with All Terrain Electric Pallet Jack

Are you in the quest for a good quality electric pallet jack which works in all conditions? Are you on the lookout for something which can carry pallets, even in uneven terrain? Then your wait is over! The jack will help in efficiently carrying heavy pallets from one place to another without any hassle. Besides, its smooth movement on wheels ensures that everything is safely moved from one place to another without any damage to the commodities. If maneuvering pallets are you major concern, especially in areas which are uneven, with gravel, then the solution of your problem is the all terrain electric pallet jack. 


There are a number of benefits while using this all terrain electric pallet jack.

  • It helps in making the work faster and easier without fatiguing the person working with it.
  • The fact that is an “all-terrain” jack, makes it efficient enough to work in all types of landscape, irrespective of anything.
  • It is ideal for construction sites, which are mostly covered by gravel and pushing manual pallet jacks can be a task in its own rights.
  • Since it works electrically with the help of the motor, it does most of the job by itself even in uneven terrain.
  • The person working with it can rely on it, because as mentioned above, it does most of the work and helps in cutting down the time which is taken while performing this job.
  • These jacks are ideal for jobs, which do not require full-sized forklifts. It can definitely cover huge distances at a short duration of time, which is a major advantage.


The compact size of the all terrain pallet jack makes it a very handy tool to use, especially at construction sites. Since it has the power to replace the large and cumbersome forklifts for simple work, it works like a charm without taking too much of the space. Apart from that, it moves really smoothly irrespective of the unevenness of the terrain which is a major advantage. They can work ideally in a small-sized warehouse out to it’s gravel loading area because of it's easy maneuverability. It enables the person handling this tool to make the task of picking up pallets much simpler. The small business owner really enjoys using this as opposed to a bigger forklift, because of its compact size and price-point. These are priced comparatively cheaper and work equally well, which is why most people opt for them. Since they are powered by batteries, they can work for long hours without glitches. Besides the jack does not have to be charged for long hours and therefore can be put to use with the help of a new set of batteries.

Safety Measures

Even though the machine is a breeze to use, there are certain safety measures which definitely need to be adhered to when it comes to electric pallet jacks.

  • There is a prescribed capacity of the product, so must never over-burden it with anything heavier.
  • Also, feet must never be kept under the unit.
  • While loading and unloading the pallet all the prescribed methods of using the machine must be followed perfectly.


  • Since it is battery operated one does not have to charge it for a long period.
  • It also does not release emissions, which are great for the environment.
  • It's ergonomically designed for best use.
  • It also requires very less maintenance and works well for a long time.
  • It works smoothly both backwards and forwards.




  • We ship our products to all over Australia.