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2000KG Steerable Skate 2000KG Steerable Skate
Product Code: SC104
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Sales price $370.00
Total without tax: $336.36

Industrial shifting skates with swivel castors.

  • 360 degree rotating wheels allow for rolling in any direction with ease.
  • Loads can be lifted with either a roller crowbar or a jack which allows the skate to be easily positioned.
  • The skates are maintenance free and are fitted with handles for ease of carrying and positioning.
  • The platforms of the skates are fitted with a rubber surface which helps stability and protects objects being moved.
Model SC104
Capacity 1 tonne
# of Rollers 4
Fixed Castors 0
Dimensions LxWxH 430 x 340 x 120mm
Weight 14kg


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