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1300KG All Terrain Electric Pallet Jack
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The MWP-130RT has been designed with stronger steel frame to carry the larger capacity of 1.3ton for transporting pallets on rough terrain and uneven surfaces such as construction sites,
gravel areas and grass areas. Powerful drive system provides easy and quick operation saving back, leg strain or injury.


  • Heavy duty quality steel frame.
  • Adjustable forks width to allow handling of all types of pallets.
  •  Ergonomic handle for easy to operate throttle and lift and lower controls.
  •  Powerful driving system to handle large loads with easy and effortless.
  •  The unit comes with an inbuilt battery that needs charging at night to run throughout the day.
  • The powerful puncture proof pneumatic wheels are fitted with sealed bearings to offer easy and smooth transportation of heavy pallets.


Capacity   kg 1300
Adjustable fork Width mm 203-840
Lifting Height mm 300
Overall Width mm 1602
Overall Length mm 1605
Overall Height mm 1290
Wheel Diameter mm 406x110
Drive Wheel Dia mm 300x125
Fork Length mm 1070
Width Between Legs mm 1270
Battery V/Ah 2x12/100
Drive Wheel DC  V/W   24/1300
Load Center  mm  500
 Towing Cap  kg  650
 Gradient Laden  %  10
 Gradient un-laden  %   15

Safety Measures

Even though the machine is very easy to operate and there is no need for any license to operate the pallet jack, it is important to adhere to certain safety precautions to avoid any injuries.

  • You should never place your feet under the unit and never ever lift any load that is over the prescribed capacity.
  • The load has to be moved slowly and carefully watching where you are going.
  • If you are going down on an incline, it is important to move the machine in reverse.
  • You should always use proper lifting techniques when loading and unloading the pallet. 
  • The electric pallet jack is powered so it can accelerate and turn sharply so you should avoid sudden movments which could result in lose of pallets and injury.


  • Cheaper option to a forklift.
  • It can move forward as well as backwards easily
  • Minimal maintenance required if operated with great care.
  • The unit is battery operated and hence no emissions and safe to use in industries.
  • Very easy to use and operate and does not require a certified professional to handle it.
  • Ergonomic handle with easy controls for smoother and quieter operation.
  • The pallets can be held in all kinds of position because of the adjustable fork width.
  • Large loads can be handled easily because of the powerful driving system. 



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