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1300KG All Terrain Electric Pallet Jack1300KG All Terrain Electric Pallet Jack
1300KG All Terrain Electric Pallet Jack
1300KG All Terrain Electric Pallet Jack 2
1300KG All Terrain Electric Pallet Jack 3
1300KG All Terrain Electric Pallet Jack 4


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The MWP-130RT has been designed with stronger steel frame to carry the larger capacity of 1.3tons for transporting pallets on rough terrain and uneven surfaces such as construction sites,
gravel areas, and grass areas. Powerful drive system provides easy and quick operation saving back and leg strain and injury
also reduces fatigue for workers during a day giving more production.

1, Ergonomic handle for easy to operate throttle and lift and lower controls.
2, Powerful driving system to handle large loads with easy and effortless.
3,Adjustable forks width to allow handling of all types of pallets.
4, Wheels have sealed bearings.



Capacity   kg 1300
Adjustable fork Width mm 203-840
Lifting Height mm 300
Overall Width mm 1602
Overall Length mm 1605
Overall Height mm 1290
Wheel Diameter mm 406x110
Drive Wheel Dia mm 300x125
Fork Length mm 1070
Width Between Legs mm 1270
Battery V/Ah 2x12/100
Drive Wheel DC  V/W   24/1300
Load Center  mm  500
 Towing Cap  kg  650
 Gradient Laden  %  10
 Gradient un-laden  %   15


Easy and Safe Transportation of Pallets Using 1300KG All Terrain Electric Pallet Jack

Are you worried about the accidents that might come up when your workforce carried out manual lifting of the heavy pallets of over one ton? Do you want to save time and also reduce your manual labor costs of transporting and shifting heavy goods in your industries? Well, Mitaco 1.3 tons all-terrain electric pallet jack is an ideal vehicle you need to have in your warehouse  to transport heavier pallets on all kinds of rough and uneven surfaces. With this machine, you can increase the production of your industry as it helps in reducing the fatigue that your workers would suffer from heavy weight lifting.


The 1300kg all terrain electric pallet jack has been designed to offer safe and quick transportation of pallets in gravel pits and construction sites. The machine will be able to move easily and freely over rough terrain, gravel areas as well as grass areas, thanks to the potent wheel drive system.


The Mitaco MWP-130RT 1300kg all-terrain electric pallet jack is developed to offer industries easy and very quick transportation of heavier pallets.

  • The unit comes with a compact body so that it is easily storable in your work area.
  • The ergonomic handle of the machine offers easy and quick to operate throttle that has easy lift and lower controls.
  • The handle also has different adjustments for controlling the machine’s forward and backward movements.
  • The fork width can be adjusted to seat the pallets in any position.
  • The unit comes with an inbuilt battery that needs charging at night to run throughout the day.
  • The machine comes with a powerful drive system that makes handling of heavy loads easy and natural.
  • The powerful puncture proof pneumatic wheels are fitted with sealed bearings to offer easy and smooth transportation of heavy pallets.
  • The pallets can be easily handled on all kinds of environment with the help of the all-terrain pallet jack from Mitaco.      


The following are the specifications of the powerful 1300kg all-terrain electric pallet jack that helps in easy and quick transportation and moving of heavier pallets on all kinds of surfaces.

  • Capacity – 1300 kg
  • The height to which pallet can be lifted: 300 mm
  • The fork width can be adjusted from: 203 to 840 mm
  • Length of the machine (in mm): 1605
  • Width of the machine (in mm): 1602
  • Height of the machine (in mm): 1290
  • Length of the fork: 1070 mm
  • Width between the legs: 1270 mm
  • Battery used in the unit: 2 x 12/100 V/Ah
  • Charger in amps: 15
  • Drive Wheel: DC 24V/1200W
  • Load center in mm: 500


The 1300 kg all terrain electric pallet jack from Mitaco offers a host of benefits to any industry that uses this machine.

  • It will help in easing the transportation of heavier pallets in the industry. With this machine, you can ease the manual labor used in moving such heavier pallets and lifting of heavier goods can be done effortlessly.
  • There will be no injuries that your workers will suffer due to leg strains and back spasms that often are related to lifting heavier objects.
  • The workers will not feel tired during the working hours and the productivity of the business will be increased.
  • These are battery operated and this will mean low running costs.
  • They are made of a quality steel frame and will not get damaged that easily.
  • The machine is designed to withstand heavy loads and hence the forks are made of sturdy and quality materials.   


The 1.3 ton all terrain pallet jack form Mitaco is designed to offer ease of maneuverability even in the smallest warehouses and work yards. Despite the machine being smaller and compact, it does not compromise on the amount of weight that it can lift and transport easily. It will help in saving a lot of time in transporting heavier objects over uneven surfaces.
It is battery operated and hence you need not worry about any fuel emissions or the cause of pollution to the environment. It is the best machine to have in any industry that is dealing with heavy objects and you need to move it from one place to another.  

Safety Measures

Even though the machine is very easy to operate and there is no need for any license to operate the pallet jack, it is important to adhere to certain safety precautions to avoid any injuries.

  • You should never place your feet under the unit and never ever lift any load that is over the prescribed capacity.
  • The load has to be moved slowly and carefully watching where you are going.
  • If you are going down on an incline, it is important to move the machine in reverse.
  • You should always use proper lifting techniques when loading and unloading the pallet. 
  • The electric pallet jack is powered so it can accelerate and turn sharply so you should avoid sudden movments which could result in lose of pallets and injury.


  • The unit is battery operated and hence no emissions and safe to use in industries.
  • Very easy to use and operate and does not require a certified professional to handle it.
  • It is a versatile unit ideal for small to larger warehouses.
  • Electric pallet jacks compared to standard pallet s jacks can travel forwards or reverse to a location where manula pallet jacks should be pushed.
  • Ergonomic handle with easy controls for smoother and quieter operation.
  • Very less maintenance required if operated with great care.
  • It can move forward as well as backwards easily.
  • The pallets can be held in all kinds of position because of the adjustable fork width.
  • Large loads can be handled easily because of the powerful driving system. 




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