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1500KG Four way pallet jack1500KG Four way pallet jack
Product Code: MPTS15
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The 1500KG Four-way pallet jack is perfect for getting into those pallets into those awkward areas a forklift can't get into with the option of going backward and forwards and also side to side.


  • Strong steel construction.    
  • Four-way traverse moves side to side/forwards and backward.
  • When moving forwards the height is 85mm-170mm
  • When moving sideways lift above 170mm
  • No routine maintenance required on the hydraulic unit and bearings.
  • Seals made in Germany, which prolong the working time of the hydraulic unit.
  • Powder coated safety yellow for hi visibility and extra protection from wear and tear.
  • Pressure relief valve/ overload valve so the unit can't be overloaded for OH&S purposes.


Model   MPTS15
Capacity (kg) 1500
Min Fork Height (mm) 85
Max Fork Height (mm) 170/210
Fork Width (mm) 160
Fork Overall Width (mm) 685
Fork Length (mm) 1150
Overall Size L x W x H (mm) 1540x685x1230
Load Roller (dia x width) (mm) 80 x 92
Steering Wheel (dia x width) (mm) 180 x 50
Net Weight (kg) 75


  • Nylon wheels: Give you the less amount of push and pull force needed to move a pallet jack with a load.


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