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Easy Roller / Propel Pallet JackEasy Roller / Propel Pallet Jack
Easy Roller / Propel Pallet Jack
Easy Roller Pallet Jack9
Easy Roller Pallet Jack9
Easy Roller Pallet Jack9
Easy Roller Pallet Jack9
Product Code: MPTERA540
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The 2500KG easy roller is a revolutionary pallet jack, as you pump the handle it propels the jack forward / backward allowing you to move heavy loads without strain.


  • Strong torsion-resistant steel construction
  • Lead-in/Lead-out rollers under the fork tips enabling pallets to be entered with ease.
  • No routine maintenance required on the hydraulic unit and bearings.
  • Seals made in Germany, which prolong the working time of the hydraulic unit.
  • Pressure relief valve/ overload valve so the unit can't be overloaded for OH&S purposes.
  • Powder coated safety yellow for hi visibility and extra protection from wear and tear.
  • Specially designed to lift and transport the widest variety of loads in stores, warehouses and construction sites.
  • By engaging a foot lever, the pump action of the handle is instead used to rotate the rear wheels of the truck.
  • This simple operation means that the initial force exerted when moving a large load is overcome.
  • This operation can be used to move the load over small lips, door thresholds or in a continuous motion when moving the load up slight inclines.


Model   MPTERA540
Capacity (kg) 2500
Min Fork Height (mm) 75
Max Fork Height (mm) 190
Fork Width (mm) 160
Fork Overall Width (mm) 540
Fork Length (mm) 1220
Overall Size L x W x H (mm) 1560x540x1230
Load Roller (dia x width) (mm) 80 x 92
Steering Wheel (dia x width) (mm) 180 x 50
Net Weight (kg) 70



  • Polyurethane wheels: are mainly used for floors that are delicate like marble, floor boards or tiles as the softer wheel distributes the weight more evenly over the floor.



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