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BEAVER Industrial Lever Hoist 250kg 1.5m Lift
  • The Beaver 3S Industrial Chain Lever Block mechanism and gears are enclosed in a robust all steel compact shell.
  • Lever blocks are a versatile lifting & tensioning device widely used in rigging, construction & mining.
  • Lever blocks can be used in any direction, but must be in a straight line.
  • The Beaver lever block has a chain guide fitted in order to stop the load from jumping out of the pockets on the load sprocket.
  • The load chain is made of high resistance, Grade 80 Alloy Steel, black finish, heat treated, calibrated and marked according to International Standards ISO 3077 and ISO 1834.
  • Complies to AS 1418.2 and approved Colour Coded to Match International Lifting Standard
  • All Beaver lever block gears are fitted with industrial Roller bearings.
  • The short arm lever and the gear ratio allows minimum effort to raise maximum load with maximum security.
  • The top and bottom hooks come complete with cast latches.
  • Top and bottom hooks are fitted with ball bearings to allow rotation under load.
  • Ergonomic and heavy free knob to ensure easy and convenient handling.
  • Machined and heat treated gears, offering better durability and longer life cycle.
  • Every Beaver 3S Industrial Lever Block is operationally tested to its rated capacity and is supplied with a Beaver test certificate, relating to its stamped identification side plate.
  • Beaver ‘ID’ plates and rivets are supplied in stainless steel (a non conductive material) in order to avoid dangerous sparking, making them ideal for underground mining.
Product Code 506025
Rated Capacity kg 250
Colour Code Grey
Standard Lift Metre 1.5
Test Load KN 4.9
Headroom H mm 200
Effort on lever to lift full load N 210
No. of load chain falls 1
Diameter of load chain mm 4
Length of Lever Handle D mm 145
Dimensions A mm 87
B mm 55.5
C mm 68
E mm 21
Net Weight kg 1.5

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