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350KG Drum Lifter/Rotator350KG Drum Lifter/Rotator
350KG Drum Lifter/Rotator
350KG Drum Lifter/Rotator 2
350KG Drum Lifter/Rotator 3
350KG Drum Lifter/Rotator 4
350KG Drum Lifter/Rotator 5


Product Code: MBTFL
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The MBTFL is ideal for applications where drum or barrels are stacked, transported and poured.  This barrel lifter is ideal for liquid transportation of oil, chemical, fuel & food allowing the user to be able to pour them without manual labor required.



  • Stacking, transporting and pouring at an angle made easy.
  • Simply wheel the lifter up to the barrel/drum and secure with the parrot beak.
  • The 180-degree tipping function allows the operator to remain at the controls during the tipping operation.
  • Powder coated safety yellow for hi visibility and extra protection from wear and tear.
  • The barrel is controlled by the turning wheel.
  • Contains a  foot pump, hand pump, and foot release pedal for lowering.
  • Has a foot brake.


Model   MBTFL
Capacity (kg) 350
Lift Height (mm) 1425
Overall Width (mm) 890
Overall Height (mm) 2020
Weight (kg) 155


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