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3600KG Heavy Duty Hydraulic Switchboard/ Furniture Mover

Moving heavy items can be a real challenge?
Are you looking for a sturdy and performance oriented equipment that will help in easily moving very heavy objects in your industry? Do you want to transport heavy equipment, machinery and furniture in your work area effortlessly? If moving heavy items is your concern, then you need to get the 3600kg hydraulic switchboard/ furniture trolley offered by Mitaco. This trolley will help in professionally transporting and moving heavy objects.

What Is It?

This is an important tool to possess for any person looking to find a solution to lift and transport heavy items. The Mitaco hydraulic furniture mover is sold as two transport units t and inbuilt securing straps. The load that needs to be lifted is exactly positioned between the transport units for easy transportation once secured jack up each end for the desired height.

How It Works?

This mover is strong enough to transport any object that weighs up to 3600kg. The straps will ensure that the furniture to be transported is held in place. The lifting plates of the furniture mover have to be placed underneath the object that is to be lifted. Once done, you need to strap the furniture tightly. Lift the item on both sides to an equal height and move the furniture movers. As it has wheels at the bottom, the Mitaco hydraulic furniture mover will move very easily and swiftly. They are designed in such a way that it will help in easing the movement of a variety of awkward and heavy items and machines.


The hydraulic furniture mover from Mitaco offers a lifting height of 160mm and movable forks for a better position. The support rails of the mover come with protective covering and is given a powder coated finish. The trolley is also endorsed with two Polyurethane wheels each of a diameter of 200mm. Polyurethane is a polymer and hence resistance to a wide range of extreme conditions, making the wheels more durable which can move easily even on carpeted floors and harder surfaces also helps moving on rough surfaces. The net weight of the mover is just 98 kgs

  • Capacity:3600KG
  • Lifting Height:160mm
  • Wheel : 200mmDia
  • Overall Size: 585x420x1100mm
  • Net Weight: 98KG


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