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4 Drum Bund Galvanised - Shrouded4 Drum Bund Galvanised - Shrouded

4 Drum Bund Galvanised - Shrouded

4 Drum Bund Galvanised - Shrouded

Drum Bund Galvanised Steel

Application: Store four 205L drums on this hot dipped galvanised drum bund to capture leaks, drips and spills of flammable liquids.

Spill ContainmentSystems are available in an extensive range to ensure a 'fit for purpose' secondary spill containment product is utilised to help companies minimise risks associated with workplace health and safety, while meeting their environmental obligations.


  • Unit is forkliftable even when loaded with four 205L drums. Two way entry.
  • Includes safety guard and locking chain - allows drums to be moved and handled safely.
  • For convenience, leave the drums on a wooden pallet.
  • Unit has one drain plug in the sump for easy decanting of spilt liquid.
  • Improves productivity by providing a convenient, mobile bunded option for drums.
  • Keeps personnel safe from accidental slips.
  • Keeps spilt liquids from contaminating factory floors, inventory or stormwater drains.
  • Reduces clean-up costs by providing easily retrievable spills.
  • Helps organise your drum storage.
  • Segregate liquids for easy identification.
  • Makes handling drums safer and easier.
  • Drum Bund Covers are optional and used to prevent ingress of rainwater into the bund. 

Sump Capacity: 250 litre

Shipping dimensions: 121 cm (L) x 121cm (W) x 110cm (H)

Weight: 120 kg

Australian Made and Owned


  • Portable bunding units are designed for secondary and temporary storage. If you are unsure on your storage compliance obligations, check with your local council or regulatory body.
 Pack Size
 Shrouded 4 Drum Bund Galvanised 
 121cm x 110cm
 Drum Bund Cover for DB4






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