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6.0t Electric Three Wheel Tractors6.0t Electric Three Wheel Tractors
6.0t Electric Three Wheel Tractors
6.0t Electric Three Wheel Tractors
6.0t Electric Three Wheel Tractors
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AC Controller
1. The innovative AC drive system with quick response, accurate control, impact protection, excellent power efficiency.
2. Regenerative braking increases the life of battery.

1. Spacious driving room.
2. Spacious comfortable seat with buffering function.
3. Control lever is unique designed by ergonomics, closer to operateasy foperation.
4. Steering wheel could be adjusted with big angle to meet operator’s need.
5. Emergency pause button is right beside operator’s hand, the power can be immediately cut off in shortest time.
6.The layout of steering wheel,brake,foot pedal other instruments are the same with the electric forklift, which makes it convenient to operate.
7. Large battery space, are suitable fbatteries of different capacity.
8. The button at the end of the tractcan allow the tractto make small moves.

1. Maintenance-free braking system makes braking safe comfortable.
2. Automatically engaging parking brake fsecure stopping, even on ramps.
3. Electro-magnetic brake, Motbrake wet disc brake reduce energy consumption extend the vehicle's duty cycle per charge.

1. American AMP connectors with top quality, prevents moisture contaminants from interrupting truck operation in all environments. Besides, all the wires cables are reliably protected fixed, which greatly reduces the electrical error.
2. The bottom of the drive mothas a waterproof dustproof cover, which protects the moteffectively.
3. Easily removed back cover, makes maintenance easy.


Rated capacity kg 6000
Wheel base Y mm 1110
Service weight (includes battery) kg 1150
Tyre type driving/load wheels   Solid Rubber
Track width, rear, loading side B11 mm 820
Height overhead guard (cabin) H6 mm 1320
Seat height H7 mm 947
Tow coupling height  H10a/b mm 361(221/291/431)
Rear overhang L5 mm 471
Loading platform width B9 mm 700
Oversll length L1 mm 1966
Overall width B1/B2 mm 1010/990
Outer turning radius mm 677
Inner turning radius mm 677
Ground clearance, center of wheelbase M2  mm 150
Travel speed, lade / unladen  km/h  7/17 
Max drawbar pull, laden/ unladen S2 5min. N 4500
Max gradeability, laden / unladen S2 5min. % 5/20 
Service brake   hydraulic/ mechanical
Mileage covered by a single charge  km 60
Drive Motor rating S2 60min. kw 6
Battery V/Ah 48/275
Battery weight kg 506


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