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8 Drum Bund Low Profile8 Drum Bund Low Profile

8 Drum Bund Low Profile

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Eight Drum Spill Bund- Polyethylene- LP Spill Containment Systems are available in an extensive range to ensure a 'fit for purpose' secondary spill containment product is utilised to help companies minimise risks associated with workplace health and safety, while meeting their environmental obligations.

Application: Store 8x  205 litre drums on this bund to capture leaks, drips and spills.


  • Spill Crew heavy duty Australian made ‘eight drum’ storage bund.
  • Polyethylene construction provides excellent corrosion resistance to oils, fuels and a range of chemicals.
  • 270 litre integral spill containment sump.
  • Removable two-piece polypropylene grated top - allows easy access for cleaning.
  • Store drums directly or palletised on the bund.
  • Dimensions (cm): 242 (l) x 121 (w) x 15 (h).
  • Uniformly distributed load: 3600 kg.
  • Load tested in Australia by NATA accredited engineers - dynamic compression test certificate available.
  • Can be connected to other low profile bunds to create customised working platforms.
  • Shipping weight: 59 Kgs.


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