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General Purpose Absorbents

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Hazchem Absorbents

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Marine Absorbents

Marine Absorbents provide absorption of fuel and oil for leakages into water in... VIEW PRODUCTS

Oil & Fuel Absorbents

Oil and fuel spills can be a bad dream to tidy up — whether they occur ashore... VIEW PRODUCTS

Roll Dispensers

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retentive blasts cushions pads and rolls are a viable and cost-effective approach to oversee unplanned spills holes and dribbles that routinely happen. rapidly dealing with the spill counteracts oil fuel and chemicals from contaminating soils and conduits. these sponges are the ideal answer for any work that is associated with transporting putting away or utilizing fluids of any nature. sponges are shading coded by spill compose as their permeableness nature shifts. white sponges are perfect for oil and fuel spills just as they have been intended to repulse water and just retain the hydrocarbon. dark sponges are widespread and are by and large perfect for all spill composes including coolant paint oils and powers gentle acids and bases alongside water-based chemicals. pink shaded sponges are appropriate for concoction spills or spills of an obscure fluid. the polypropylene is exceptionally latent and won't respond with most cruel chemicals.

We supply Maxsorb Absorbents around Australia. Cause Maxsorb Absorbents are manufactured in the US to the highest industry standards, under strict guidelines, which ensures quality, consistency of performance and a guarantee to work on the job. Maxsorb Absorbents are recognized as a leading brand in the industry and have become the chosen spill clean-up product for many major sites. We can deliver your products all over Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle within 48 hrs.