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The MJX1 Full Electric Work Assist Platform can elevate an operator up to as much as 4.8 metres. Features a Maintenance-free AC drive system with quick response, accurate control, and excellent power efficiency.


  • Built in charger.
  • Easy access for maintenance.
  • Emergency stop - easy touch.
  • Electromagnetic service brakes.
  • Quick response and accurate control.
  • Programmable with Curtis Controller.
  • Multi lifting limited switch ensures travel safety.
  • Belly button prevents truck from hitting operator.
  • Side operating handle ensures excellent visibility for the operator.
  • Battery display indicator with hour meter to remind operator of charging time.
  • Anti-rolling back braking device prevents the truck from roll back on ramps.
  • Safety hydraulic design prevents mast from falling abruptly when oil pipes cut off.

AC Controller

  • Regenerative braking extends run times during operation by using motor resistance to slowly recharge the onboard batteries.
  • High-efficiency signal processing controller improves motor response time and response accuracy enhancing operator control and manoeuvrability.
  • EPS system greatly improves steering speed and makes the truck more intuitive to drive for the operator.

Hydraulics and Mast

  • One-way valve ensures loads stability during lift and lowering functions. This reduces the chance for product damage and assures safe operation.
  • High strength steel mast channels with oversized mast rollers provide high rigidity and low deflection and exceptional stability at height.
  • Totally enclosed mast design is uniquely integrated into the vehicle to deliver strength and easy maintenance without compromising vehicle operation.
  • Two-stage or three-stage masts are optional to tailor the vehicle to meet the specific needs and attributes of a given facility.
  • Mechanical, hydro cylinder and electronic triple lift limit protection enhances safety while lifting or lowering in motion.


  • Electrical motor brake provides regenerative braking during deceleration.
  • EPS system enhances the vehicles parking brake strength.

Operability & Safety

  • Motor, controls and chassis have been developed together to deliver exceptional vehicle manoeuvrability. that drives overall efficiency, productivity, and safety.
  • Compact ergonomic controls provides the operator are easy and intuitive while allowing for a large comfortable operating space.
  • Safe start floor pedal ensures that the operator is in a proper driving position during transit.
  • Rubber seat back cushion and available floor matting reduces strain on the operator.
  • Retractable side handrails are equipped with safety switches to ensure that the handrails are in the closed position during operation.
  • Slope alarm system alerts the truck operator when driving into or across areas with a grade which may present a safety hazard.
  • Lowering alarm system warns workers at ground level to be clear of the vehicle during descent.
  • Ground level hydraulic release prevents operators from being trapped at height due to a system failure.
  • Deceleration switch activates when the mast is lifted up to 50 cm and every mast stage elevation reducing drive speed by half to ensure stable fluid operation.
  • Rigid steel chassis protects the operator and is resistant to impact.

Video: Performance Video


Description MJX1
Maximum Capacity (kg) 500
Collapsed Height (mm) 1590 / 1670 / 2120 
Max. Lift Height (mm) 3200 / 3600 / 4200
Power V  24 AC
Battery Capacity  V/Ah  24 / 224
Travel Speed, Laden/ Unladen km/h  3.7 / 5.5



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