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JX0 Work assist platformJX0 Work assist platform
JX0 Work assist platform
JX0 Work assist platform
JX0 Work assist platform
JX0 Work assist platform
JX0 Work assist platform
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The MJX0 work assist platform can elevate an operator up to as much as 3m. Attractive design is driven by durability, utility and efficiency. It features a safety gated that locks automatically once lifting for added safety.


  • With its low weight and compact design this order picker is designed for narrow aisles. Increased safety by a secure working platform therefore replacing industrial ladders reducing work injuries. High stable mast with a low centre of gravity giving stability

Drive motor

  • DC drive system with quick response, accurate control, and excellent power efficiency

Hydraulics and Mast

  • One-way valve ensures loads stability during lift and lowering functions. This reduces the chance for product damage and assures safe operation.
  • High strength steel mast channels with oversized mast rollers provide high rigidity and low deflection and exceptional stability at height.
  • Totally enclosed mast design is uniquely integrated into the vehicle to deliver strength and easy maintenance without compromising vehicle operation.
  • Mechanical, hydro cylinder and electronic triple lift limit protection enhances safety while lifting or lowering in motion.


  • Electrical motor brake provides regenerative braking during deceleration.
  • EPS system enhances the vehicles parking brake strength.

Operability & Safety

  • Motor, controls and chassis have been developed together to deliver exceptional vehicle manoeuvrability that drives overall efficiency, productivity, and safety.
  • Compact ergonomic controls provides the operator are easy and intuitive while allowing for a large comfortable operating space.
  • Safe start floor pedal ensures that the operator is in a proper driving position during transit.
  • Safety switches to ensure that the handrails are in the closed position during operation.
  • Rear gates that lock when in operation
  • Slope alarm system alerts the truck operator when driving into or across areas with a grade which may present a safety hazard.
  • Lowering alarm system warns workers at ground level to be clear of the vehicle during descent.
  • Ground level hydraulic release prevents operators from being trapped at height due to a system failure.
  • Deceleration switch activates when the mast is lifted up to 50 cm and every mast stage elevation reducing drive speed by half to ensure stable fluid operation.


Model MJXO
Rated Capacity- Front Platform Q1  kg 90
Rated Capacity- Behind Platform Q2  kg 110
Rated Capacity- Standing Platform Q3  kg 136
Wheel Base  y mm 1095
Service Weight- Including Battery kg 800
Axle Loading, laden driving side/loading side
Axle Loading, unladen driving side/loading side kg 370/430
Height mast lowered h1 mm 1365
Stand height elevated h12 mm 3060
Overall Length L1 mm 1440
Overall Width b2 mm 750
Turning radius Wa mm 1260
Electric Engine
 Drive motor rating S2 60min kw 0.65
 Lift motor rating at S3 15% kw 2.2
Travel Speed, Laden/ Unladen km/ h 6/6.5
Max. gradeability, laden/unladen   % 5/8
Battery Pack Capacity V/Ah 24/120
Pack Weight  kg 45
Charger v/a 24/30


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