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Gerni Pressure Cleaner Washer Auto Brush Accessory- 128500385Gerni Pressure Cleaner Washer Auto Brush Accessory- 128500385

Gerni Pressure Cleaner Washer Auto Brush Accessory

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Gerni auto brush soft split bristles ensure gentle cleaning,  swivel in connection ensures easy cleaning. Works well with detergents.

Gerni auto brush has soft bristles that are going to make it easy for you to clean. They are gentle enough for easy cleaning. The auto brush comes with a swivel that is well fitted enables you to clean your automobile/car. This brush can be used to also clean the house windows and exterior of the house.


  • It features an adjustable handle that enhances the easiness of cleaning.
  • Has been designed with a wide head with bristles for easy cleaning.
  • It comes with two types of bristles for maximum coverage.
  • It is compatible with almost all the Gerni models.
  • The auto brush has been fitted with a squeegee that will help you in cleaning the windows easily and fast.
  • The brush comes with a nozzle integrated into it.
  • It comes with a bumper rubber that will protect the auto brush.


  • Material used; the brush has been designed with plastic material.
  • The bristles hare soft enough.
  • Product dimension; w- 97, H-160, L-280.
  • The brush is light enough for you to use as it is 629g.
  • It does not come with a hose reel.


This unit suits the following models

  • Gerni Classic 100.2
  • Gerni Classic 100.2 S
  • Gerni Classic 105.1 X
  • Gerni Classic 110.1 PC
  • Gerni Classic 110.2
  • Gerni Classic 110.2 PC
  • Gerni Classic 115.2
  • Gerni Classic 115.2 PAD
  • Gerni Classic 120.2
  • Gerni Classic 120.2 PAD
  • Gerni Classic 125.2
  • Gerni Classic 125.2 PAD
  • Gerni Super 130.2
  • Gerni Super 130.2S
  • Gerni Super 140.2
  • Gerni Super 140.2 Plus
  • Gerni Super 145.2
  • Gerni Super 145.2 Plus

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