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Gerni Pressure Washer Cleaner Patio Plus Accessory - 128500384Gerni Pressure Washer Cleaner Patio Plus Accessory - 128500384

Gerni Pressure Washer Cleaner Patio Plus Accessory

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Patio Plus has no splash back, the Gerni patio plus cleans up to 10 times faster than a standard nozzle.  Featuring Power Control - a variable regulation of cleaning power, which allows for use on hard and softer surfaces. Ideal for cleaning of patios, paths, walls and fences.

Gerni Patio plus is an Excellent Tool for Your Patio
Pressure water cleaning a new and amazing way to clean various areas and components of the house without having to put in extra effort. If you love your patio to be absolutely neat and clean, then this tool is absolutely perfect for you. Use it yourself to check out, it’s efficiency.


  • The features of the Gerni Patio Plus have been noted right here:
  • This particular devise cleans up everything 10 times faster, without having to put in extra effort.
  • As compared to a standard nozzle, it works 10 times better, becoming the ideal pick out of the two.
  • It suits a number of Gerni Classic and Gerni Super models, so it is an ideal tool to have especially to clean the patio area,drive way or house..
  • It has variable powers to clean different surfaces; you can clean just about anything with this device.
  • Read the manual carefully before using it, so that you get the hang of it, from the very first time.


  • It is compatible with the Gerni Classic as well as Gerni Super range, so this will be an ideal addition to the entire collection.
  • It has variable water speeds , making it easier to use on a variety of surfaces.
  • Both hard and soft surfaces can be cleaned by it quite easily, so you do not need an extra attachment for the job.
  • Made from good quality material it is sure to last you a very long period.
  • It cleans the surface very fast; as much as 10 times faster, reducing the time you invest in cleaning the various areas of your house.

This unit suits the following models

  • Gerni Classic 100.2
  • Gerni Classic 100.2 S
  • Gerni Classic 105.1 X
  • Gerni Classic 110.1 PC
  • Gerni Classic 110.2
  • Gerni Classic 110.2 PC
  • Gerni Classic 115.2
  • Gerni Classic 115.2 PAD
  • Gerni Classic 120.2
  • Gerni Classic 120.2 PAD
  • Gerni Classic 125.2
  • Gerni Classic 125.2 PAD
  • Gerni Super 130.2
  • Gerni Super 130.2S
  • Gerni Super 140.2
  • Gerni Super 140.2 Plus

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