Manual Hydraulic Jack Manual Hydraulic Jack

Hydraulic Toe Jack- 10 Tonne Capacity

  • Product Code: HM100
  • Category: Load Skates / Roller Bars
  • Manufacturer: Manufacturer
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This manual moving jack makes it easy to lift objects of the floor, reducing the risk of back injury and strains. Great for jacking up containers and large equipment


  • They are a compact, yet stable construction and can be used in almost any position, as the housings revolves 360 degrees.
  • Lowering speed can be accurately adjusted.
  • Protected against overloading.
  • Pump level is removable.
  • Lifting Range of Foot: 30-260mm.
  • Lifting Range of Head: 420-650mm.
  • Max Lever Force: 40kg.
  • Max Capacity:10,000kgs.
  • Unit Weight: 35kg.
  • Made to CE / US standard: USA ASME ANSI B30.1.1986.

Not for use with vehicles