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Drum Handling Equipment

Mitaco’s wide range of drum handling Storage (also known as drum handling equipment, drum lifting equipment, device or carriers, rotators) contains a variety of customised solutions. We can supply drum lifting devices like drum trucks, trolleys, lifters, dollies, rotators, forklift or crane attachments that can handle an extensive variety of drums.

Drum Dollies & Drum Hoist / Lifter

Our drum dolly is all welded steel frame with Powder coated safety yellow for hi-visibility and extra protection from wear and tear. This dolly has polyurethane casters which can handle 400kg easily. Our drum dolly is ideal for moving oil drums perfectly. And it's Drum Handling capacity is 30 to 50 gallons.   If you require a solution that’s more versatile then our multi-purpose drum lifters are the fantastic choice. They are featuring a heavy-duty load brake winch, this lifter makes it easy to lift both steel and plastic drums. Oil, chemical, fuel & food allowing the user to be able to pour them without manual labor required. This drum handling equipment can also do a large variety of lifting and rotating operations – all you need to do is exchange attachments.


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