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Industrial skates are designed to assist in the transportation of heavy loads that would otherwise require expensive equipment. Our load skates are available with many different capacities, dimensions, and number of wheels.

Industrial Load Skates

At Mitaco, we have industrial skates such as our 2 Tonne Skates- they have a low-profile design and are fitted with a rubber surface mat to help protect and stabilise items from moving. Our 6000kg fixed skates are also low height and have a large rubber top for the stability of goods in movement, they have 6 load wheels and can support loads of up to 6 tonnes.

Corner Mover Skates

Low level corner skates are used to move triangular loads such as cabinets, safes, vending machines and washing machines and feature 360-degree rotating wheels to allow for rolling in any direction with ease.

Load Skates with Positioning Handles

Some industrial skates, such as our 3 Tonne Skates feature a handle enabling them to be steerable! This is thanks to a 1 meter drawbar and platform that swivels on a thrust bearing. These load skates also have large surface area, wheels for added stability and load wheels.

Load Skates with Turn Tables

These 15Ton Moving Skates feature a turntable for easier steering. With heavy-duty castor wheels, a rubber top for stability, these load skates offer the best in durability and manoeuvrability.

Roller Crowbars

The Roller crowbar is a great tool when trying to lift heavy items off the ground to make some clearance, available in 1.5T or 5T.

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