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Mitaco Australia Pty Ltd.


 We have a PALLET JACK for every situation
If you can't find one to do the job call us
1300 553 032
and we can get a custom built one for you!

Our awesome pallet trucks & jacks are built for long-lasting performance. Various designs, sizes, and variants make them more workable and unique. These jacks are ready to use for your warehouses & factories.These can be your money & time-saving solution. They also increase your work safety around the workplace.

We have a wide range of pallet trucks like heavy duty or low profile, electric & manual to solve every situation. If you have issues with sizes then we have long, short, wide, narrow, custom sizes with scale/indicator for your service. All you have to choose the fittest one for your suitable job.

We also have Standard / Euro narrow, Galvanised or Stainless jacks for better service and specific targeted industries. We can also deliver these products all over Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle within 48 hrs.


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Pallet Jacks


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