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PVC QuickbundPVC Quickbund
Product Code: MAX-QB1
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Sales price $401.50
Total without tax: $365.00
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PVC Quickbund

MAXBund Quick Bunds can be used for temporary or permanent storage of fuel drums, machines, or leaking equipment. For use in both indoors & outdoors.


  • 900gsm heavy duty PVC
  • Easy to fold, transport, & store
  • 75mm wall height

 *All dimensions are internal

Product Code Size Price
MAX-QB1 1m x 1m x 75mm H (75L Capacity) $401.50
MAX-QB2 1m x 1m x 75mm H (75L Capacity) $511.50
MAX-QB3 2m x 2m x 75mm H (300L Capacity) $742.50


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