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Ramps to suit Drum BundsRamps to suit Drum Bunds

Ramps to suit Drum Bunds

Ramps to suit Drum Bunds
Category: Spill Containment

Companion Ramp facilitates loading and unloading of heavy drums and features anti-skid ribs for maximum safety. It can be conveniently located anywhere, on any size center sized 2-drum or larger. Combine 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-drum modular units to create your own customized system.

As capacity needs increase, use optional Joining Clips to firmly lock units together and expand your storage space. Sumps remain separate and clips can be removed for easy repositioning. In applications calling for a continuous sump, optional Connector for Low Profile Drum Bunds (clips and transfer tube) allows you to join centers together, on-site, for full compliance with EPA and when combined sump capacities meet 250L. 

Weight:  55 kgs 

 Pack Size
 Ramp for above
 122cm x 18cm
 Joining clips, one pair
 10cm x 5cm

 Connector for Low Profile Bunds 

 æ 25mm
















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