Rough Terrain Pallet JackRough Terrain Pallet Jack
Rough Terrain Pallet Jack
Rough Terrain Pallet Jack
Rough Terrain Pallet Jack

Rough Terrain Pallet Jack- 1.25Ton with Adjustable Forks

  • Product Code: MRP1250B
  • Category: Heavy Duty / Specialised
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The Rough Terrain Pallet Jack is the perfect means of moving pallets outside on rough or uneven surfaces where a regular pallet jack or forklift can't go. The large wheels and straddle fork arrangement can be used for any type of pallet on uneven ground.


  • Adjustable Forks
  • Suitable for loads up to 1250kg
  • Equipped with a Pressure Release Valve.
  • Ergonomic design of the frame makes moving loads easier
  • Robust enough for working on building sites, nurseries, and farms.
  • It will go where no ordinary pallet jack or even forklift will go.
  • Powder coated yellow for hi visibility and extra protection from wear and tear.
  • Pneumatic Wheels: are air filled wheels that are shock absorbing to reduce the effort to move pallets over bumps & rough terrain


Model   MRP1250B
Rated Capacity (kg) 1250
Max Fork Height (mm) 233
Min Fork Height (mm) 63
Fork Length (mm) 860
Load Center (mm) 450
Adjustable Fork Widths (mm) 228-735
Individual Fork Width (mm) 100
Distance inside the Front Wheel (mm) 1230
Axel distance between front wheel and rear steering wheel (mm) 973
Front load wheel (dia x width) (mm) 550 x 132
Rear steering wheel (dia x width) (mm) 265 x 80
Turn Radius (mm) 1500
Overall Size (L x W x H) (mm) 1375 x 1605 x 1200
Net Weight (kg) 245