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'U' Low Lift Tables HU Series .6-1-1.5 Ton Capacity'U' Low Lift Tables HU Series .6-1-1.5 Ton Capacity
'U' Low Lift Tables HU Series .6-1-1.5 Ton Capacity
U Low Lift Tables HU Series .6-1-1.5 Ton Capacity 2
U Low Lift Tables HU Series .6-1-1.5 Ton Capacity 3


Product Code: 600KG HU600 / 1T HU1000 / 1.5T HU1500

U shaped tables are specially made for handling pallets, no need for a pit or load ramps. 

  • Remote power pack with pedestal and controls.
  • Upper platform fitted with safety perimeter to prevent descent on contact with obstructions.
  • 24 V control box with UP and DOWN buttons and emergency stop.
  • External Power Pack equipped with a relief valve against overloading and a compensated flow valve for controlling lowering speed.
  • Hose burst safety valve to stop the lift table lowering in case of hose breakage.
  • Removable lifting eyes to facilitate handling and installation of the lift table.
  • Oiless bushings on pivot points.
  • Quick assembly joint for oil hose.

Code HU600 HU1000 HU1500
Capacity (kg) 600 1000 1500
Max Height (mm) 860 860 860
Collapsed Height (mm) 85 85 105
Platform LxW(mm) 1450x985 1450x1140 1600x1180
Lifting Time (s) 25~35 25~35 30~40
Power Pack 380V / 50Hz, AC1.1KW 380V / 50Hz, AC0.75KW 380V / 50Hz, AC1.5KW
Net Weight (kg) 207 280 380






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