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Absorbent Granules 20kgAbsorbent Granules 20kg
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Spillfix Absorbent Granules 20kg

Used for coolants, petroleum, lubricants, oils, dyes, inks, chemicals, surfactants and detergents. 

Australian made from a clay mineral that is stable, inert and non-flammable.

Why use SpillFixer?

Instead of cleaning spills by adding by adding more chemicals and detergents, and then washing residue down the drains, SpillFixer's natural porperties enable you to quickly and effectively absort liquid spills, leaving the surface clean and dry for later use. 

All you need for dealing with even the nastiest of spills are a broom and a scoop, in stark contrast to the traditional cleaning processes, that requires wipes, sponges, mops, water and drains! 


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