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3000kg Steerable Skate
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Moving Skates/Dolly- Moves Heavy Equipment- Steerable- 3, 6 or 12T

  • Product Code: ST30
  • Category: Load Skates / Roller Bars
  • Manufacturer: Mitaco
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High Quality Steerable Moving Skate- available in 3, 6 or 12ton

Shifting Skates are used wherever heavy objects need to be moved.
Loads can be lifted with either a roller crowbar or a jack which allows the skate to be easily positioned.

This Steerable skate incorporates a 1-meter draw-bar and a platform that swivels on a thrust bearing
allowing movement around bends.

The large diameter sealed nylon rollers ensure ease of movement and spread the load, protecting floors damage by high point load points.

The skates are maintenance free and are fitted with handles for ease of carrying and positioning.
The platforms of the skates are fitted with a rubber surface which helps stability and protects objects 
being moved.



Model   ST30 ST60 ST120
Capacity (ton) 3 6 12
# of Rollers & Type (qty) 4 Nylon 8 Nylon  8 Steel
Roller Size (mm) 80x90 85x90 83x85
Dimension LxWxH (mm) 310x250x105 630x400x115 603x400x115
Weight (kg) 11.5 39 80